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May 21 2012

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May 19 2012


Walk Cycle by *Celestial4ever

Guys, this chick’s brilliant. I love her style so much, and I’m always sad to see her gallery hasn’t more love.


I wanna see Catversushuman redo this comic.
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May 14 2012

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May 13 2012

May 12 2012

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May 03 2012

Knotty Pine Kitchen By Minacciolo - Natural Skin


If you like the look of knotty pine in interior spaces, then the Natural Skin kitchen by Minacciolo may be calling your name. The harmonious blend of metal and knotty pine wood is simply spectacular - a solid, technologically innovative, metal structure wearing a beautiful, "natural skin". The interaction and contrast feels almost poetic. This kitchen is elegant and strong, perfect for a contemporary home looking to make that statement. I can imagine myself spending many hours in this modern kitchen ... and I don't even like cooking, ha! Learn more about the Natural Skin kitchen at Minacciolo.

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April 27 2012

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I’ve been looking for an opportunity to do some beer related work for a while, and this job cam to me quite fittingly at a bar. Eventually, this will be painted large on an exterior wall, so I thought I’d start documenting the process here. Paul Rand’s quote, “Don’t try to be original, just try to be good” comes to mind.

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A couple people decided to purchase the domain name GraphicDesign.com and to turn it into something else than a parking page. They’ve invested a lot of time and energy into turning this site into a legitimate resource for students, professionals and enthusiasts. A couple months ago, we were asked by the folks behind the site to be part of their advisory board, alongside people like Von Glitschka. Although we have some experience with the managing side of a design blog through our work on the GoMediaZine, to be in an advisory position rather than having to make the final call is pretty interesting. (via Studio Ace of Spade and GraphicDesign.com – Studio Ace of Spade)

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